Click to view two nicely 'balanced on a fulcrum' players/videos.
Danielle: COMMON THEME1. LOAD: standing the ball up limits separate…Put ball on shelf. FIRE: Elbow drops through forward motion instead of going over the top.
Danielle: Good closed stance. It's hard to come up over the top when your already topped out. Practice butt throws. Glove arm reaches, but hand doesn't pull in. GREAT fulcrum.
Kylee: Bad open stance to start: close it up. COMMON THEME1&2&3&4
Kylee: Good closed stance. Good glove arm reaches, but hand doesn't pull in to pit. Elbow doesn't go over the top. Good Fulcrum . 
Brianna: Good closed stance. Great Shelf. Great glove arm reaches but not palm forward to stretch and doesn't pull it in to pit. MUCH Better over the top. Needs more fulcrum and back leg over the top. 
Brianna: Too open stance to start: close it up. Catcher's throw. No separation. COMMON THEME 1&2
Sophie: Too open stance to start: close it up.  Catcher's throw. COMMON THEME1&2&3&4. 
Sophie: a letter better closed stance.  Glove arm doesn't reach/no separation.  Elbow high at ear, but arm no over the top. Follow thru is across not towards target. more fulcrum will help take arm over top.
Marissa: Too open stance to start: close it up. No separation. COMMON THEME1&2&3&4
Elana: no separation (stretch the rubber band in your body).
Morgan: Starts nicely closed. Puts ball on shelf. Elbow needs to go up is the COMMON THEME1&2&4. Her poor motion forces her to keep her torso back to hit her target.  She can't come over the ball, follow thru over the top and stay/look horizontal balanced on a fulcrum.  That's why she looks so vertical.ettings menu will appear.
COMMON THEME 1: Need the elbow to go up before it passes the head. Low elbows force them to keep their torso up to hit their target.  Not lifting the elbow prevents the follow thru from going over the top and then horizontal.  
COMMON THEME 2:  Since their elbows don't come over the top, they can't follow thru over the top and stay/look horizontal balanced on a fulcrum.  
COMMON THEME 3: Start with closed Stance.
COMMON THEME 4: Use left arm to creat separation (stretch rubber band)
Arm over top: Stand under a wire. Throw ball over wire and catch it.
Arm over top & Separation: Use throwing hand to pull bungee cord up (not forward). Glove hand initiates action. When they let go the throwing hand shoots upwards. Let the arm go over top.
Arm over top: Stand directly in front of a volleyball net. Throw over the top of the net.
Follow Thru: Yoga pose: Balancing Stick.
Follow Thru: Superman throws onto matt after DoOrDie catch.
First Timer: Keep backshands pointed towards each other until you flip the arm over. needs to do 'butt throws' before 'putting ball' on shelf throws. elbow comes up pretty good. no pronation. Left arm doesn't flip to pit. Little fulcrum.